A Fabio Philosophy

England centre-half Matthew Upson provided insight into how Manager Fabio Capello thinks as the latest pair of ever-vital world cup qualifiers approached.  I highlight my main point:

“The 10 day get-togethers are the only real time you get a bit of rhythm and routine in the training sessions and the daily routine generally. We make full use of these days and the manager always says to us at training ‘You can’t have this day again’, so when we train it’s important that we focus and concentrate almost as if we were playing.”

Oh, how true is that.  How often do salesreps write off part of, or all of, a day and then utterly bemoan what they did when the end-of-period horizon threatens to suffocate them?

We’ve all done it, but it’s clearly best to plan for making the most of every minute you can, especially in those, potentially sluggish early times as a selling period begins.

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