A Little Makes Big Difference

One of our telesales terriers was once a chugger.  These are youngsters, typically students, that stand on busy pavements imploring you not just to put your change into their plastic tin for a charity de jour, but nowadays, sign your life away for a monthly bank transfer too.

It’s a thankless task given the rat-racer’s disinclination to donate.  Yet I was told of a technique that helps people overcome their “shyness” to give, which also can be a wonder I feel, when trying to elicit useful facts from a prospect.

“Just a little would be great, even the smallest amount can make a big difference.”

The point is that by ramming home the idea that even tiny contributions can be life-changing, alms more readily appear.

The same technique could really help when trying to get someone, possibly withdrawn, to open up.  Not sure you’ve enough intel to act upon?  Encourage them to recount even the smallest of details as they can have huge impact and it could indeed lead to brand new avenues.

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