Adjacking So Your Prospects Don't Miss Out

I do like a spot of newsjacking.

Where you take a piece of current affairs whizzing around your world and adapt it for Sales ends.

The most obvious place for this treatment to find a home is in a presentation..

Usually more for internal consumption, but delightful prospectside applications do crop up. Depending upon the story.

And who are more seasoned at producing imagery that sticks than the ad industry?

Piggybacking a brand with no connection to you can be a tricky pursuit.

As well as the requirement to respect copyright.

Yet such caution needn’t necessarily prevent having public information messaging as a starting point.

Coronavirus alerts provides opportunity aplenty.

And just such a campaign has begun in the UK.


Aimed at encouraging adults under thirty – where take-up is perhaps unsurprisingly slower than among their elders – to get their free jabs.

As an aside, #dontmissout as a hashtag doesn’t seem sufficiently distinctive. Not really allowing youngsters who comply to get on board, spread their word or create a movement. Instagram offered 1.3m posts so tagged at my time of blogging here. I scrolled through countless screens without seeing a single upload from a UK jabbee. And this before you factor the perhaps foreseeable backlash towards such “patronising”, “threatening”, “weaponised FOMO” campaigning. Where’s the positive reasoning? Anyway…

Above is an edited composite trio of the print ads being plastered liberally across the country. Retweeted by media types too.

Below is how I’ve remixed them for an imaginary campaign as if for my own enterprise running at present. Ensuring people get what they want out of video meetings. With specific relevance to the great return-to-work slowly gaining pace at present.

I flipped their slant. Rather than going for visions of what you’d miss, instead summoning up the vacant, idle emptiness you might be saddled with, if you were not to take proper steps now.

What can you do with it for your own selling ambitions?

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