Adopt The Art Of Writing The Perfect Postcard

Driving ’round England on a bedrizzled Summer’s day my radio enlightened me about a survey claiming sending a holiday postcard remained highly popular.

One commentator described most postcards received though as unwelcome. Who wants to see “how lucky I am to be here vistas”?

So it turns out there’s an art to writing the perfect postcard.

You relate it to the person you’re writing it to.

Well. Hardly earth shattering you might think.

Yet almost all postcards go on about what you’ve seen or done that can quietly induce envy.

The trick is to mention how something the recipient likes or has done triggers you thinking fondly of them.

An example would be to say where a view provokes you to think of something nice about that other person.

“This reminds me of how you love …”

That kind of thing.

I got to thinking about how few postcards I send, yet I do send plenty of photos. Friends get plenty of my snaps from all over the world. Usually with a caption deliberately meant to wind them up.

In Sales terms, most documentation that gets sent to prospects is all me-me-me. Just like the traditional back-of-a-postcard drivel.

How difficult would it be to go out of our way to personally relate something to our prospect or their process?

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