American TV News Panel Bulleting And Your Snappy Selling

As POTUS 45’s inauguration neared, each US news network held frenzied discussions on what The Donald might actually do when in his Oval Office.

The yanks do these things very differently to everyone else right now.

In Blighty they revel in discos. Their shorthand for discussion, one for which they deliberately foment conflict. These are restricted to a binary, polar one-v-one slanging match. There’s almost the Queensbury spirit about it. But not quite.

Americans on the other hand, cram so many people in a studio it is getting crazy. They seem never to settle for such a lowly figure as two. I actually counted eleven on one such panel during this fevered time. High numbers now the norm.

A clear consequence of this is that people get virtually no time at all to make their killer point.

So I note with interest one man’s answer to this.

During their heated round-the-room on issues Trump did not seem to have a policy on, he elected to list them all as he saw it.

He said there were ten.

Then he listed them.

Using only a single word for each issue.

He rattled off his total bullets in all of two seconds flat.

It was a master stroke. (Despite his last two bizarrely being “Italy and England (sic)”.)

His framing was used by each subsequent commentator.

They seemed to pick from his wobbles, using his language, building from how he saw them.

He’d shaped the disco.

Kingmaker indeed.

There is a terrific crossover for how we pitch in a crowded space.

Think of a full room of randoms. Most of whom you might not even believe are on your side. It’s amazing who turns up when catering’s laid on.

Think also of a more intimate gathering. One setting the tone for your bid perhaps. Trying hard to secure that pivotal internal wingman.

How many issues are at play?

Ten could well be a feasible amount.

So then why not boil them down to a single word each.

Then learn how to recite them off quick quick.

If the shark infested waters of US telly is anything to go by, you’ll end up knowing exactly who places which at what priority. And so own the bid.

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