Amplify Elon

I referenced this myself a couple of days after.

I scrolled a little down the replies and true to form, tweeters swapped in their alternative for Empathy. Here's the sample, before things got a bit silly. Amplify ____;

Freedom of speech
Small verified accounts
Positive energy
Ad shares

Transparency alone earned multiple citings.

My own usage was merely to ask someone what they sought right now to 'amplify'.

This would also be a helpful starting point in other contexts. Such as areas where 'empathy' is often recommended. Ranging through say, performance management, giving feedback or eliciting buyer needs.

It's a throwaway point, but one that can make you stand out from the field.

It holds the twin powers of positioning you as expressing desire to sonically swell their ambitions alongside 'reflective listening'.

You can also use this as a discussion point when a slide can kick things off. Particularly inside an internal session. A classic mini-item. In the 6-minute mould.

Here I've simply screenshot the original Musk tweet. Hiding the noun as a 'blank'.

Ask your audience how they'd fill in the blank.

If hosting a video meeting, ask attendees to each write down their words in caps on a post-it note, then hold to camera.

Interestingly, among the original replies, I spied one opposite; Deamplify.

Giving you an extra angle to go wider as well if apt.

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