Animated Drive

Here’s an entertaining quote I picked up as the last paragraph of an interview with an actor that’s been in all 11 Pixar films to date. This apparently makes him the 6th highest grossing movie star of all time, with over $3bn taken from Pixar ‘cartoons’.

What’s interesting from a sales point of view is how it shows a winning mentality required to power from strength to strength, year after year.

“Until Finding Nemo it was impossible to animate water and have it look like water. That was the chore they gave themselves. In The Incredibles, they’d never had fabric blow in the wind properly, so they set out to do that. The fur in Monsters, Inc was new. Every one of their films breaks a barrier. They could’ve rested on their laurels by now, but they never will. They view each film as if it’s their first. That’s why they’re Pixar.”

It made me pause for a moment and think … what’s my animating water, blown fabric and fur?

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