Anniversary Tips List

Hurray for St George’s Day today! As ever, the left-leaning British press can be called on for their usual negativity surrounding events of national well-being and reflection on glories of yore and the more to come.

The Independent decided to turn their nose up at the English tourist board’s patron saint day flag-waving for doing more things in always merrie, forever dynamic England.

I like their 101 things to do in England before you go abroad slant.

A kind of bucket-list too, perhaps? Choosing from six categories, I was so delighted I’d enjoyed several curries in Birmingham’s Balti heartland, yet not so happy I’ve somehow missed touring an English vineyard or left the comfy confines of Borough Market for a tiny trip south to Brixton Village.

The selling side of me wondered too about how useful adapting this would be for those account managers among us.

You could choose a neat date – naturally one that does not obviously coincide with a sales period end – and mark an anniversary. Like a launch date, first prototype made, or anchor customer on board.

Then you could think, not on the brow curling 101, but perhaps a more manageable ten, half-dozen even, about things that anyone using your wares must do around, with or because of them.

In your mind, it could be a quick-fire ’10 things to do to make the most of [our product]’. And in the back of your mind, also double up with those inclined to browse the market, ’10 things to do before thinking of switching or doing something else completely different…’

There’s no reason why one or two wouldn’t suggest the client spending a bit of extra cash on ‘extras’, but these should be minimised. Don’t think of this as a blatant exercise in margin pushing. More along the lines of genuinely helping people to achieve more. Then your relationship will more likely be elongated.

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