Apply The Genome Knife To Your Sales DNA

Who can’t enjoy the recent breakthrough of wine without hangover?

Step forward a Professor Jin. His lab has modified yeast so that the offending headache-causing part is eliminated;

“Scientists need to create designed mutations to determine the function of specific genes. Say we have a yeast that produces a wine with great flavour and we want to know why. We delete one gene, then another, until the distinctive flavour is gone, and we know we have isolated the gene responsible for that characteristic.”

So they chopped dna with a genome knife to split it precisely into certain strains.

He stressed the importance of the ‘knife’ as a tool that allows genetic engineers to make extremely precise mutations.

So you take the knife to your dna, strip it into its component parts, then isolate what each one does. You can then re-assemble for your preferred ‘new’ double-helix.

Sounds almost simple.

I am constantly astounded at how few salespeople adopt a similar approach to their selling.

There are way less actions that can occur on a bid compared to the myriad combinations of a gene’s A-T-G-C.

So are they identified?

Do you know which ones tend to lead to glory?

If you were on your ideal deal, what would have happened?

Who would you engage? When? How? With what activities?

There are some basics for sure.

Then there’s the less obvious pivotal moments.

You can go into minute detail. ‘We usually earn a new client when their ceo speaks to customer reference x when we’re competing against incumbent y, alongside our main supporter in the vp ops, and our two implementation teams have successfully documented workshop z, and we get invited to their next Board meeting with a pre-meet arranged with their cfo and the contracts already with legal…” And you can plot how to reach this point of near-win guarantee.

Take the sales genome knife to your sales process and you too should never experience those day-after-the-night-before blues again.

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