Are Video Calls Like Military EVs?

I was intrigued to read [sub'n req'd] on British Army findings upon deploying vehicles in the field that once were diesel, now refitted as electric powered.

They uncovered a raft of highly promising improvements.

  • Driver fatigue drastically reduced (no more clutch or gear control)
  • Driver concentration sharpened and effectiveness rose
  • Vehicle manoeuvrability (& speed) expanded
  • Liquid fuel reserves required significantly dropped, by forty percent
  • Anticipated losses (typically one in twenty four) from the soft targets of supply convoys fell, for man and machine, also by forty percent
  • Huge cost savings came from no longer having to carry so much fuel (where previously each litre used at front took seven litres to get it there)
  • With no heat signature, vehicles now without internal combustion engine became invisible to heat-seeking or audio-triggered threats, reducing losses and increasing surprise
  • No engine parts means less mechanics in tow with less spare part and equipment stocks to carry
  • Although now perhaps a quarter heavier, vehicle power was enhanced and the third of space taken up by engine and powertrain was freed up for battlefield usage (in some ways, similar to the emerging coffice).

That's quite the list.

We've certain solution sales parallels when it comes to adopting a considered approach to video calling. Specifically when embraced alongside in-person, mail or phone dialogue.

Downtime can be slashed. Selling time ramped up. Competing interests out-manoeuvred. Travel budgets either saved or expenses redeployed for bigger effect. Matching medium to meeting can significantly reduce deal losses. Qualification comes so much swifter. Motion can quicken through heightened flexibility for speedier deal cycles. Level selling options mushroom. Greater breadth and depth of prospect engagement enabled. Seller energy can certainly be maintained at higher overall levels. Expanded chances to prove points of difference elevate your uniques.

Then there's the future opportunities opened up. The military minds already wondering what extra capability can be unleashed through the different operating avenues they can now create.

As it is with video selling for us. There's plenty of new tricks we can add to our repertoire with how, when, why and with whom we video.

Are you still filling your sluggish, noisy, armoured jeep with liquid fuel, or are you fully focused on the new power of electric conversion for your sales meeting options?

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