Are You Managing Meetings Like Irish Rugby Star O'Driscoll?

Brian O’Driscoll retires victorious after a world record 141 international caps.

In the run up to his final game, I caught an interview which touched on what he learned from captaincy. It held this terrific insight;

“I found it daunting; it was hard, the speaking part didn’t come naturally to me early on. I found myself getting quite stressed going into team meetings, trying to make sure I was coming up with new material and making sure it wasn’t just the same stuff being regurgitated.”

He felt a leader by deed alone, not through words, in those early days.

Whether you are a sales manager with recurring team forums to run, or a salesperson chairing regular meetings with a particular client, how are you handling the O’Driscoll Conundrum?

I hope you too are making sure you come up with new material and avoid the sorry, stale, same old stuff.

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