Are You Meghanly Me Me Me?

The monster (choose your slant on this adjective here, + or -) online news site of Daily Mail has long since had enough of 'The Duchess of Woke'.

You can read on such at your leisure. For me, I was fascinated by this video annotation. Hot off the heels from the same treatment handed to freshly minted UK PM, Liz Truss.

After mentioning 'deliver' ten times in her major six-minute new leader acceptance slot.

When speaking on stage to youngsters "working to accelerate social impact" of tomorrow, at Manchester's One Young World summit, Meghan Markle fell deeper into the mire. Made all the sludgier because of her megabucks podcast launch episodes widely pilloried for suffering the same narcissism.

Initially, the Daily Mail suggested;

'It was just me, me, me': Royal experts say Meghan made One Young World speech 'all about her' as she referenced herself 54 times during seven-minute gender equality talk after she and Harry ran gauntlet of boos as they arrived in Manchester.


A day on, and they posted a captioned video. Helpfully clocking through each occasion of self-reference.

As you can see up top, 34 the amended tally.

Whatever the true scale, it is clearly way too many.

At least 33 too many, you might argue.

At roughly once every 12½ seconds, such vanity seems as over the top as it is bewilderingly aloof. No matter how 'autobiographical'.

Totting up repeated verbal tic-ery was a workplace hobby long before buzzword bingo cards became a thing.

Perhaps my first exposure to such was of a techie gamely embracing selling who couldn't help but say the word 'actually' as a verbal full stop. A pair of colleagues betting on the final tally like giggling schoolkids passing notes at the back of class.

Unpleasantries aside, when in front of prospects, talking, pitching or presenting with a successive string of 'I's is a definite no-no.

So perhaps we can gratefully thank Her Meghanship. Unlike her, our favourite subject ought not be ourselves. Our thrust should be for others. For now we can run a sanity check on our spoken set-pieces.

Origin stories. Key objection handles. The Vision Thing. Testimonials. Problem empathy.

You might even notch up a chart. What's the split between 'us' and 'them'?

And rebalance where necessary.

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