Are You Watching Your TED Spread

“It’s funny how financial crises can turn niche data points into matters of national obsession.”

So began Times columnist Harry Wilson, chewing over merits of the TED spread recently.

What it is hardly seems relevant. A difference in borrowing costs between short-term US government and interbank markets. As August 2016 ends, it appears widening perilously close to 2008 crash levels.

Take a little known measure. When it hits a certain mark, supposedly knowledgeable murmurs become audible in the mainstream. Does disaster loom?

I’m not a big one for numbers for the sake of them. Yet I am all over process above outcome. And one great way of monitoring (improving) your sales process is to track a key number. Quantum of Progress, anyone?

Is there one highlighted across your sales efforts?

Which everyone knows. At any time.

I’m not talking about deals done, margin made or revenue written.

Outcomes, one and all.

What underpins any success you secure?

Bring it to the fore and watch it become more.

How about getting a touch cleverer. Think spread. Be Better Off Ted. What two marks collide to ensure a win? And the farther (or nearer) they become, the likely sale gets closer.

Understand it, track it, push it.

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