Are Your Loo Walls Valued Like Bigtime Party Planner's?

I often blog to stop office visual real estate being such an overlooked resource.

As the end-of-year party season gets into full swing, I learn of another trick to make your walls talk.

Leading party planner to the moneyed class over four decades, Johnny Roxburgh has several tips for preparing to host a memorable bash. Including this one:

Guest list in the loo

It’s your job to help people get acquainted. With big events, the trick is to have a list of everyone’s names, with a little bit about them, pinned up in the loo in the weeks leading up to the party. Every time you go, you sit and look at it. It means you don’t have that awful blank when you’re about to introduce someone and a) can’t remember their name and b) can’t remember what they do.

I struggle to recall the restroom walls or bathroom doors adorned with anything at all in any such salesroom facilities I’ve experienced.

A step too far perhaps? Big Brother might take over? Unlikely to put things in – ahem – motion?

Yet I think of the ablutions of restaurants and bars. Even (especially?) big-ticket ones. They can often have fancily designed posters, or more commonly nowadays flatscreens, positioned for the eyeline. With content ranging from advertising certain wares to reinforcing their desired ‘branding’ to simply selected treasured social media posts. Whether static, slideshow or video.

Whilst there may not be a directly equivalent, appropriate ‘guest list’ you want all and sundry to take in, there’s surely a raft of selling related intel that you wish to sink in.

An origin story. A new client win. A competitive capture. The latest objection handle. Your hot industry buzz topic take. Genuine Green credentials. A proper new product pitch. Can osmosis in this setting help turn on the sales taps?

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