Are Your Prospects Following A Collaborative Model With You?

futurecapetown collaborative model

I knew a good friend at uni reading Town Planning. His favourite joke involved the sewage farm adjacent to the pleasure park. Ahem.

Perhaps I follow Cape Town’s urbanistas in part to prove we’ve moved on this past three decades.

Above is a gem they recently posted. Chiefly bemoaning specification in isolation. Something we in solution selling too frequently encounter.

There’s a thrup of Sales pointers here.

First, when a potential buyer is thinking of sculpting any doc of requirements. They start from their Dilemma. When the Solution seems a long way off. This presents a winning map. They want Increasing Capacity and we can happily provide this through Increasing Trust.

Second, when the deal is in progress and you feel it is a one-way street. What benefit builds from aligning Appreciative Mindsets with Deliberative Processes? Which Checkpoint is missed? There’s plenty of Co- steps here: Commit to collaboration, Co-define dilemma, Co-define process, Co-create solution & lastly Co-deliver solution.

Third, where does this feed into your winning sales process? If you succeed when such teamwork occurs, then how do you ensure it truly begins? How do you measure the extent to which it takes shape? When do you pull out if it does not materialise?

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