Which Bids Make Your Olympic Podium?

During the electric quarter-finals session of the Rio rugby 7s, it was suggested to the Englishman coaching the much fancied Fijians that his first goal must have been achieved by qualifying for a medal match. After a dismissive but polite sigh, he shrugged, “the only goal is the Gold”.

For some it is merely the “taking part”. For others it’s “to medal”. For a select few, like Fiji here, only Gold will do.

There are plenty of similar examples I could have plucked from competitors’ thoughts. A microphone thrust up their nose by a mainly incompetent questioner. The glow, mind and adrenalin still pumping. Their determination and focus naked.

I read one of the broadsheets award their mock medal grades to BBC presenters and analysts at the Games. They were surprisingly (and inaccurately) generous. Yet a stark parallel struck me with Sales.

Notably when it comes to assessing deal performance.

I am constantly amazed how so many salespeople pursue deals that they should have long ditched.

Can you objectively look at what’s on your forecast?

Take trusted criteria. Are they truly in your sweet spot? Do they snugly fit with where your business seeks to go? Will any promising portents really deliver?

Which deals would not medal?

Then what about the Gold, Silver, Bronze?

Why are you working on anything less than Gold?

And how did Fiji fare? Yes. The Big G.

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