Assume PowerPoint Fails

I came across an MSM 'experts guide'. 20 Ways To ...

In this case, asking actors to reveal how they gain confidence to perform, given the likelihood stage fright strikes.

A couple were indeed interesting.

This one in particular, from actress Anni, comes straight from our scenery.


It might not be the dastardly slideware that fails, mind. It could be any of the manifold links in the chain of tech that might snap and so sink hopes of displaying your precious file.

There's an awful lot you could say jumping up from such falls.

One highlight being that sign-off sentence. How often do you take a copy of a key graphic? Even printed out, on actual paper?

Whether IRL or virtual, such back-up plan is the stuff of champions.

When tablets first burst into the mainstream, I always put a copy on mine. And remember with great comfort how, when the megabucks transatlantic telepresence system had a wobbly, I could still show the vital slide.

Yet for a long while now my graphic approach seems to have polarised.

At one end, a single piece. It can be formed of a progressive disclosure story. Yet when displayed, it alone pinpoints the takeaway.

At the other, I'll have a large deck which I know I can dive into and around in sorter view. Audiences love the peek behind the curtain, to the show enlarged a main message.

And as double backup, I'll know too how to take a pen, and physically draw on a clipboarded sheet.

With these ideas in play, when the inevitable something does go wrong, you'll stay calm, and all this'll be the bane of your life no more.

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