Audition That Changed Music History And Your Management Career Take-Off

General management best-practice discovery. I deliberately try to avoid writing a blog on such.

As salespeople that aim for chief execship, I feel today I can make a rare exception.

It emerges following the passing of Beatles producer, George Martin.

An unlikely beacon of managerial wisdom you’d think. But consider these 2011 recollections of 6 June 1962. Upon hearing the band play for the very first time at the famous studio audition;

“I thought their music was rubbish”

“I couldn’t really make out for myself what I was listening for – because I was so conditioned to [hearing] a solo singer with a backing group. But here I had four people who were all doing all sorts of things.”

Martin invited the band back to the control room and explained, at great length, where he felt they were going wrong.

“We gave them a long lecture about their equipment and what would have to be done about it if they were to become recording artists”

Martin gave The Beatles the chance to respond to his dressing down.

“I’ve laid into you for quite a long time. You haven’t responded. Is there anything you don’t like?”

“Well, for a start,” replied George Harrison, “I don’t like your tie.”

The quip broke the ice and The Beatles relaxed into comedy mode.

“Guitar groups are on the way out”. Almost.

The Fab Four personality and charisma then shone through, causing an epochal rethink from the reticent producer.

The key line here for Sales Managers is clear;

“I’ve laid into you for quite a long time. You haven’t responded. Is there anything you don’t like?”

A cousin perhaps of the praise sandwich steer.

You’ve voiced your potentially unwelcome, negative feedback. The right of reply given to the browbeaten can show the mettle for both parties and allow for a fruitful discussion to benefit both. As opposed to shouty recriminations.

And who knows, also a string of worldwide Number One performances to follow that shape an entire movement.

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