Avoid Hairdresser Syndrome

A playful “discussion” between two programmers recently (in a sweet way, as they’re so precious about how their code looks!) reminded me of a trap that sellers should be conscious they don’t fall prey to.  I heard it once referred to as the ‘hairdresser syndrome’.

Ever gone into a Salon, especially when seeking a new ‘look’, only for the ‘stylist’ to run their fingers through your hair, whince, and say something akin to ‘who butchered you the last time’?

What on earth do they think they’re trying to achieve?  Make you feel you’re better off now you’ve come to them?  It’s not good.  You really should avoid any reference to potential mess-ups by previous suppliers.  Better to keep talking about tomorrow, rather than yesterday. 

My Germanic pal Tim seems to teach me a proverb from his Fatherland each time we meet.  One such pearl of wisdom that fits nicely here is “no one ever lends money because of what’s past”, the inference being, they do so because of some alluring future promise.

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