Ball Possession Determines Everything

So, England have a new football manager. With the Euros only a few days away, expectations are, for once, surprisingly low.

Our new man in “the impossible job” seems to be a convert to a sixties revolutionary, one-time FA Technical Director Allen Wade.

In his remarks on coaching, Wade suggested;

There are, reputedly, two stages through which worthwhile ideas must pass before they are accepted. In the first stage they are ignored, in the second, ridiculed.

Stage 1 you’re ignored, Stage 2 you face ridicule. This reminded me of another footie related sales nugget I came across over four years ago. Change apparently faces these 4 stagesdenial/anger, confusion, renewal, contentment.

Feel like anything you’ve experienced on a big deal lately?

And what can you do to overcome these hurdles? To expect them, is to clear them.

As an aside, if “ball possession is everything”, then what is our Sales equivalent? Owning the process? I’d say so.

…If only Wade’s successor, long-ball clown Ted Hughes, hadn’t undeservingly cemented himself in at the unfit-for-purpose FA all those years, and put us back decades.

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