Best Sales Magazine

There is a paucity of reading matter for the dedicated sales enthusiast.  Rags aimed at reps tend to veer towards one of two extremes; either they’re peddling the American self-help religions, or dumb-down to talk about gadgets and motors.

So it is a pleasure to find that the best magazine for sellers in America, is also online.  Add this to your Favourites, and every now and then click onto Selling Power.

Registration is free, and this gets you all the latest issue’s articles.  If you don’t want to do this, then there’s half-a-dozen items that change daily you can still view that I quite like, including tips for the day and cartoons.

When it comes to the pieces themselves, some are indeed of a high, broadsheet calibre.  I dip in now and then and tend to read the sales strategy ones which are pretty decent.

All in all, it’s got good info and I’d recommend a visit.  Enjoy 🙂

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