Have you and your prospect a special word?

No, not that kind…

One that uniquely frames all that’s going on with your current bid.

From problem source, identification and manifestation. To solution construction, deployment and impact.

What will be gone. What will be done.

It can be an actual word.

Or it can be one you’ve made up between you.

Often through crafting a fresh portmanteau.

Sometimes termed, rather dismissively, ‘frankenwords’.

Chopping up and sticking together elements of words to coin a new descriptor. Adding suffix or prefix. Switching up the odd letter.

Yet these are more doctor than monster.

When such is catchy, you’re onto a Sales winner.

Giving your diagnosis and prescription added weight.

I’ve blogged before about a possible tridiom. Here we have a word made from many, evokes a desired trait. A kind of truncated idiom. For a bid. A bidiom?

Get cracking on coining yours.

You could well make your deal safe.

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