Big Red Button

One of my friends passed on his secret personal presentation ethos to me.

The central strand upon which everything hangs is that he must hit big red buttons.

He makes sure that before his slot he has identified every single irritation that the prospect suffers. (He feels people either buy for pleasure or to ease pain – he operates in the busy doctor’s surgery). He then isolates from these the top three issues. These become his trio of big red buttons.


No matter how many slides he prepares (incidentally he never shows more than twenty) he is brutal in assessing whether each pushes at least one of these big red buttons. If it doesn’t, he cuts it.

He actually pictures in his mind the shiny big red buttons, laid out in front of him. He imagines physically pressing them every time they come up in his speech.

He even pulled up his free downloaded app which scarily has innumerous visual ways of presenting such buttons. He believes it works extremely well. He merrily cited occasions when the prospect adopted his syntax, bought into the fact that he was the best problem-solver, and awarded him their contract.  I believe it’s undoubtedly a winning discipline.

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