Biscuit Boom

A pal of mine sent me a link to suggest that the choice of Boardroom nibbles can make or break a deal.  To get ahead, simply have a plate of chocolate covered digestives on hand.  If you’re selling, then never have more than two, and do not dunk either.

I know this is true to my cost.  When I was a cub rep, the very first time I was allowed in on a customer meeting at our own offfices, I messed up on this one.  An IT bod from a wallpaper manufacturer called Graham & Brown visited to be shown spangly new software, in the hope he’d add to his existing service.

My mukkas Ann and Colin took me in towards the end of their demo and introduced me to “Andrew”.  “Hi, Andy” I breezily replied.  “It’s Andrew” came the stern retort.  I decided to shut up for a while, and to help me do this, I spied the mostly uneaten plate of biccies occupying centre ground on the table.  Munching away, it wasn’t long before I felt a tap on the shoulder.  “Had enough of those now?” I was asked.  I’d scoffed over half-a-dozen in rapid order.  It apparently didn’t look good and I was ushered out quick march.

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