Blue Sky Alignment

Relax. I don’t like the term blue sky thinking either.

Although given that across various parts of the world you can see a sky of pretty much any colour you like, to label something promising with your own brand colour of choice can work. Especially on a one-off slide, given photo filters these days which can wash any pic any how you like.

Maybe I should tell a ginger friend of mine (or strawberry blonde, as he spins it) that they can elicit moroccan sunset thinking on their next deck.

Anyway, I saw a cool portrait ad for an airport. On a background, naturally, of looking straight up.

They had the airport city’s name in the middle, from exotic far flung destinations listed.

Which prompted me to realise there’s the good old style trope of making a word from a letter held within a number of others. Particularly when relevant to the main word you seek to imprint upon people’s brains.

So here above, a simple example. Exhorting one of my favourite (& sadly misunderstood) selling topics.

If you don’t fancy your own pic of the sky, you can choose almost any background you like. So long as it fits in with your pitch. Or even use a single, fitting colour backdrop. Adapt and create your own for a sticky, winning message too.

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