Bottleneck Prospects

We're all familiar with the label of bottleneck.

Everyday use refers to 'a point of congestion'.

No-one wants to be snarled up in traffic behind one in a narrowing roadway, for instance.

On a production line, they lead to more needing to be processed than the system can handle. Work stacks up. Everything slows down. Mistakes tend to be made. Both quantity and quality drops.

Procurement have got in on the vibe too.

The (wonderful) Kraljic Matrix features the following definition;

Bottleneck Items are products that that can only be acquired from one supplier or their delivery is otherwise unreliable.

So then there's one of information. One as sellers with which we can readily relate. How's this for a simply remixed definition;

Bottleneck Information is intel that can only be acquired from one prospect personality or their response is otherwise unreliable.

This blockage can manifest itself in a variety of forms for a Bottleneck Prospect.

Gatekeeper styles of insisting everything goes through them.

Project disinterest prevents deigning to provide data.

Those too busy with what's on their plate today to contemplate anything to do with tomorrow.

In computing, a bottleneck limits the potential of the whole system working at its best.

Similar to our sales scenario.

Problem occurring usually because of docking in at the wrong berth or missing widening the net at the start of your engagement.

The remedies are well known.

Get to the right level.

Pursue other avenues to find the info.

Uncover those who truly feel the pain which you can make better.

Easier said than done, but one of these will right your sales vessel.

Interestingly, spotting a bottleneck is often symptomatic of deeper system issues.

Someone, somewhere will likely be very interested in such glitch.

Encounter a Bottleneck Prospect, and your job is often to find that person and help them fix it.

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