Business Case Mood Board

Here's a tweet from a London broadsheet columnist. Often with tech bias, mainly writing on general commercial innovation and business life improvement.

In his own words;

"My writing asks: why do we make machines magical, and why do we insist humans are just faulty machines?"

Always one for seeing the mood board in the wild, this sample shows four pillars for his subsequent (paywalled) piece. Which luxuriated in the headline, "Don’t get complacent – the war on meat is only just getting going".

It kind of doesn't matter what the quartet of pictures are. Nor what they represent. The point is that they sum up the four strands of his nascent argument.

This is often a decent theme from which to riff during an internal session. Any sales workshop vibe, whether for general product/sector finessing or as mini-task to nicely mix up the normal team meeting flow.

How many separate elements to a particular pitch, problem or possibility can each person, dyad or team think of?

And what imagery may they conjure to evoke them?

The winners that emerge, and those ideas that spark off new thoughts, can be relied upon to create a compelling narrative. One that can make the complex, simple. And become the bones for a shape of argument that buyers buy.

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