Buyers Are Cantankerous

A couple of studies this week highlighted the contrary nature of people.

One discovered how demanding you enter into ‘no smoking‘, was more likely to trigger the urge to light up.

Another I overheard dissected on some magazine show, went on about how telling children to do one thing, or not to do it, usually meant an automatic reaction to do the exact opposite. No news to parents there, I fancy…

I’ve long felt that this is psychology that salespeople should tap into more.

The excitement strikes when a prospect shows tremors of embryonic agreement. And we often rush headlong into assuming all is, and forever shall be, well on our side.

Yet imagine piggybacking on the obstinate tendencies.

Why not try say something like;

are you really sure about that?

Perhaps you can take a leaf out of the talk radio host book. And posit;

a lot of people feel the other way about this, don’t they…?

Sit back and marvel at how tighter their opinion forms. In your favour.

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