Can The World's Best Selling Buddhist Monk's Slow Down Quicken A Sale

Haemin Sunim’s been doing the English telly studio sofa pr rounds.

What a charming chap the Korean is.

The clip I caught saw him get two old cynics meditating through the power of a smile then some ‘chanting’ of similar, positives phrases telling you to feel good about yourself.

Not my thing, yet you can admire the thinking.

Perhaps him shipping an incredible three million units of his book that grew from his tweetings is testimony enough for his mindset.

He has five ideas for ‘seeing more by slowing down’.

Whereas his overall goal is ‘happiness’, you wonder whether such an approach might help with selling’s habitual goal of making sales?

First off, I must point out that I do feel that chasing success for success’s sake is doomed. Bringing to mind the famous biologist saying, “growth for growth’s sake is the methodology of the cancer cell”. So his core of happiness before success strikes a chord.

Maybe also close to the crucial nuance separating results and process. Another cart-before-horse error I encounter.

So let’s take his five headers;

  1. sense the pleasant feeling of deep breathing
  2. leave home ten minutes earlier
  3. really see what is in front of you
  4. close your eyes and savour food
  5. stop multi-tasking and just enjoy music

What, if any, sales siblings exist here?

  1. sense the pleasant feeling of genuine conversation with a prospect
  2. prepare ten minutes earlier
  3. really see what is in front of you
  4. open your ears and savour problem solving
  5. stop multi-tasking and simply enjoy refining your process

Well. I kept his middle tip unchanged. Would this quintet help with “rediscovering joy” when selling. My aim adapting these was to promote the central essentials so often overlooked and thrown aside in the melee of the working pressures whilst ensuring they critically underpin making repeatable, sustainable sales.

If you’re running a salesteam, maybe you can think up your own five. And if you’re running your own patch, then you can always start off yourself, one at a time.

Festina lente.

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