Can We Tap Into Psychotherapist Relationship Trident

There are three things that anyone needs to feel they are when in a relationship; safe, loved, and heard.

So stated a late-night psychotherapist.

There sadly floats a blanketing of this kind of rubbish suffocating our oceans of hope.

When you catch such a line, you may also wonder how AI could ever be successful, given its overwhelmingly useless training material of this type. Especially as bias towards the voluminous drowns out the real nuggets.

Yet once in a while something can strike a chord.

What if this tiktokified hack mantra were true?

Given that most Enterprise selling requires us to develop and maintain some kind of mutually satisfying ongoing relationship between ourselves and our clients, particularly in an age of 'rental' arrangements, regardless of whether we personally remain fronting delivery, there's certainly a chance we could tap into these to both party's benefits.

How do we cover these bases in our B2B setting with prospects?

Let's take each in turn.


This does not necessarily equate to ours being the safest choice in a 'no-one ever got sacked for buying IBM' old-school (outdated) sense. Else how would any relatively new entrant, brand below top spot or substitute presence ever get bought, for instance.

It can mean providing safety. Such as how we focus on a cracking start. Legacy is paramount. The mitigating measures we offer, with the guardrails, alerts and remedy routes we put in place.

It can also mean we are the protection. Whether ounce of prevention or pound of cure. Whatever malady or malevolence they see as visiting upon them, we are the way to stop it ruining their day.

We've got their back. We will ensure they succeed. We become trusted.


Maybe a trickier one. As many a competing suitor will no doubt be lovebombing our intended. Yet in our terms might this translate as, say, valued?

As in life, often best to not come across as desperate, but we can happily show the deal merits worth, for today and tomorrow.

We turn up on time. We're consistent. We do what we say we're going to do when we say we're going to do it. We're thinking on their behalf. We create options for them. We show motion. We like the chemistry, synergy, symbiosys.

And what's more, they feed off the commitment to their cause we demonstrate and will appreciably, noticeably move towards us.


Which buyer ever doesn't mind not being listened to?

Genuine empathy scores big.

How often do you recap before a meeting wrap? Send a summary of where they're at? Confirm answers to their questions raised?

Or start a call with, "what I think you said was important to you is..."

There's a raft of conversational techniques around this. From the classic active listening through asking a question each time you speak to wallowing without jumping in to fix.

Add on the written and visual and you'll set yourself apart.

Overall, this trio could prove another useful sanity check for your next forecast review session. To see how tight each individual potential buyer really does view. Is it a two-way relationship in the making, situationship or participationship?

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