Can You Adapt The School Classroom Formulae Washing Line

I was once in a salesroom when a manager apologetically, dismissively you could say, glanced at a league table scrawled on a whiteboard (which tallied new self-booked first meetings) and said “the boss likes their visuals”.

Now, these kinds of logs may not always be quite the winner they might appear for a sales office wall. Yet ‘visuals’ very much are.

The pic above seems to be a stock image of a school classroom, somewhere in England.

As you can see, on high, near the back of the room, suspended from wall to wall close to the ceiling, is a ‘washing-line’ of formulae.

I (perhaps mischievously) would love to apply this in the empty office space between headroom and lighting.

There must be the odd equation every successful bid must adhere to. A unique word that gives focus to each persuading pitch. Your version of the “42” (‘the meaning of life’). The short, snappy phrase that uncovers the problem you resolve. The key to laying that competitor trap. The leave-behind picture you draw to most devastating effect.

There’s plenty of options.

Write on a few coloured sheets of standard paper and string ’em up.

Set the culture. Promote the right direction. Let it soak in and flood your marketplace.

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