Can You Improve Use Like Laundry Detergent Invention

ariel pre-treat cap

Who’d have thought it? A solution sales tip from an fmcg innovation.

I’ve no particular loyalty to the brand in question myself, yet I smiled at their ads that have appeared across several webpages I’ve visited this week.

A “pre-treat cap”.

Now there’s a thing. I instantly pictured a string of telly ads. Chaos and frustration when a parent realises their impossible wine to ketchup to chocolate stain cannot be treated because a child has ruined every nailbrush by cleaning their muddy sport shoes.

How simple the answer is. The bottle top doubles up as a brush.

The link with our b2b selling is clear.

What do we include with our wares that helps with the process we purport to improve?

The classics are implementation, training and maintenance.

Yet how easy do we make these to deploy?

I’m reminded too of my recent post which touched on never using a gym membership yet expecting weight to drop off and buying a spade then expecting a beautiful garden to magically appear.

What would prevent your product shining brightly clientside? What’s your equivalent of a ruined nailbrush? Or a youngster cleaning boots?

It may only be the way you package up what you offer. Or it may be how people physically use your product. In whichever way, hopefully you too can conjure an idea as straightforward as a bristled plastic lid.

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