Can You Use The Power Of Handwriting?

I came across the above flyer online ahead of its recent event.

It reminded me of the power of the handwritten look.

We all strive to make our docs and slides so perfect.

Trendy fonts, perfect lines, the latest shades.

Yet the scrawled too can have great impact.

We don’t need to have the world’s neatest handwriting.

When I thought that last bit, my mind raced to the rock family trees I used to love reading as a kid. A quick surf lead me to a chap called Pete Frame.

There are plenty of free download handwriting fonts. (Simply search, select your favourites and copy the font file into your /windows/fonts folder to be able to use them in Powerpoint or Word). For a brief slidedeck it could prove a winner.

But remember to avoid the popular-in-the-nineties Comic font. (I actually knew a software house that had that as their in-house font, which had to be used on all documentation!). I even came across a site full of free hand drawn doodles. Ideas to add to slides…

Also, why not write something out by hand? Take a pic of it with a tablet or smartphone, and pop it onto a doc, make a pdf, and send it through. If you present it properly, old school could well be cool school.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking this is the lazy-rep shortcut. To do yourself and your prospect justice will demand time and effort.

You could even ask your prospect to print off and annotate by hand.

Done right, you’d be distinctive and potentially show how much effort you personally put in on their deal…

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