Carbon Footprint Menu For Your Quotes & Forecast

Squint else you’ll miss it.

This menu from England’s world renowned Lake District caused a buzz during Spring. They now place each dish’s carbon footprint alongside price.

Poor Lamb Stew. Let’s take a closer look. Zooming in on those pair of puds;

Yum. And who’d have known? Jam Roly Poly better for the planet here than Cauliflower Fritter. (A full 70 grams better.)

If only it were the same for the waistline.

Allied to that point, I’ve blogged on these kinds of development before. (I worked in New York when printing calories on the menus of any food provider with more than three outlets became compulsory and have noted related counting ideas and optimism bias steers.)

Back to The Lakes. Here’s their displayed reasoning.

Our Rangers do fantastic conservation work all year round; we wanted to reflect these ideals in our own menu. Therefore we have calculated the Carbon Footprint of our dishes to make sure we are giving you the choice of a more climate friendly meal. With the help of Small World Consulting we were able to achieve this. This is shown in Kg of CO2e (CO2 equivalent) per portion. CO2e is not only the carbon impact from our suppliers but also takes into account all the other greenhouse gases (E.g. Methane that cows produce!).

…kg CO2e.

There’s two instant Sales crossovers.

Starting with our quoting. Yes, inexplicably there are still salesteams that produce quotes looking eerily like an eventual invoice would, in eager anticipation of soon being sent.

What are our prospect’s benefits-unleashed equivalents? Time quickened or removed? Resource freed up? Hard and fast cash materialised?

Can these also be parenthesised alongside each marvellous line item?

Then there’s your forecast. Specifically monitoring then improving its accuracy and productivity.

Do you know which bids are taking up what energy? How hungry are they for pre-sale resource? How much airtime are they demanding internally?

And can you match these up with whether they actually come home or not?

There is a happy medium. Somewhere among margin amount, cycle time and energy expended, there lies an optimal deal template which ensure your maximum productivity. Can you track this to give yourself a model for a target-busting guarantee?

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