Cinematic Universe Hieroglyphics

Here's an ad that interrupted my streaming the other day.

Actors discussing what some cinematic universe or other meant to them.

I think it's called Wakanda.

Whatever its entertainment value (I did look up reviews, which recommend viewing time is better devoted elsewhere), I took this screenshot of the ad because of those hieroglyphics.

The column containing a quartet of symbols on each of the pair of pillars.

No idea what they mean. It doesn't really matter. The fact is that they signify something.

The internet suggests these pictograms were inspired by '400-year old Nigerian' script.

A modern-day update by media creatives of Klingon, you might say.

This is a trope that has decent legs on a bid.

Ciphers, codes, runes, pictograms, cryptographs that are not the typical alphanumerics. They may well be reminiscent. Remixes of even. But crucially, different and relatable specifically to your prospect's needs.

A slide where you present something like this can show that you're really trying to get into the heart of what the buyer wants. There's style to your thinking, with substance behind it. You - and the 'fit' you offer - are unique.

Where you deploy it could vary.

A brief informal, gimmicky even, conversation starter one-on-one. A way to foster collaborative problem solving with your buyer-side champion. Tap into an innovative desire at decision-making unit level when unveiling solutions.

Inspiration can come from anything to do with those to whom you pitch and the issue for which you give release.

A logo outline or feature. Reductive treatment of a piece of physical kit. Symbolism drawn from parts of their process(es). Merging or breakdown of key number or letter. Mixing up general directional signage.

Something to have a scribble around with when sitting somewhere in-transit, waiting or feeling like a creative five-minute refresh break.

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