Client Happiness

The rolling news I had on in the background Monday was naturally beside itself assessing the latest collation of research into that most vexed of states, happiness.

There’s been all sorts of preaching on this from Westminster’s coalition government lately. There’s even an index tracking how smiley we are in these times of economic troughs.

So we should be delighted that boffins discover just 12 secrets to banish the frowns forever.

From these mystical dozen, I soon saw the solution sell angles. Here’s how they, ahem, could look in our world when dealing with a prospect to help them become happy souls;

  • under-promise
  • find out what your prospect enjoys doing most in work
  • what do they need to accomplish just for today
  • where do they exercise ‘free choice’
  • have they a key work buddy
  • when are they engaging outside their daily cube
  • avoid comparing them to others
  • get them to ignore other’s views on them
  • never go all worrisome on them
  • help them plan and organise (just on our bid, mind)
  • promote the half-full glass at all times
  • wrap our bid in purpose and meaning

There you go, piece of cake!

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