Cloak It

Iain Barclay is Hunter. His detective exploits first appeared in the BBC’s Five Days mini-series.

When under the triple pressure of abhorrent case, lack of manpower and sleep deprivation, we see him either make snap decisions then changing his mind straight away or pausing for reflection, head in hands, before making a decision and forcefully going with it.

When he needs some specific, key info from one of the victim’s family, he’s reminded by his partner (Amy Foster) that direct questioning would be unlikely to reveal the true answer.

This reminded me so much of meetings arranged with prospects maintaining a deliberate distance to glean a pivotal piece of intel. An outright question can so often lead to the shutters going up for good.

The Hunter’s response?

Cloak it

He recommended that you ask a broader question, the answer of which would unwittingly lead those interrogated to uncover the vital info.

We’re often taught not to shy away from the direct approach, but as we all learn, a sideways route can sometimes be the only way around.

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