Clunky Vision Check Turns Waffle Into Warmth

Here’s a small piece from yesterday’s London Times print edition. Their précis of an Organisational Dynamics journal article.

In pinterest-style posting below, it pretty much stands alone.

We all have some kind of corporate banner we (must) attach ourselves too. Some costly, others naturally formed.

Such motto needn’t cause us to trip – like the tricky ‘what do you do?’ opener(‡) – and can be turned into a cool advantage. Especially by “choosing words that are not just evocative but also relate to objects that are easy to visualise”. A statement itself perhaps perilously juggling with jargon.

Does your sales mantra pass the test?


(‡) Here’s an assessment of one such floundering ceo on this question from earlier in the year. And here’s how Derren Brown suggests that if you ever ask this question of someone, then there’s a better way.

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