Competitive Crunch-Time Edge

An Aussie mate of mine decided to rub it in Friday by phoning me as he was about to step out onto a Myrtle Beach golf course.  I decided I might as well humour him, and as we talked he told me how everyone in America is running scared of their current Credit Crunch caused economic downturn.

Things were now so bad, that he reckoned at least 70% of his salesteam’s First Meetings arranged had been canned by frightened potential buyers over the past two months.

Yet he considered his wares to offer opportunity.  You could easily argue that during good times were not the right ones in which to be buying his product … it’s now, when times are tough, that you really need to find an edge.

It’s an interesting positive spin.  What edges are businesses looking to create during recession?  And how can you help to exploit them?

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