Creating Conversation

I was a victim of the hype and wanted to watch the 1st-tee shot of Cheetah Woods from the US Masters last night. Unfortunately, and perhaps fittingly, the live feed from the golf course went down and pictures failed to reach across the globe.

I tried to see if there was anything online (it turned out to be a cracking drive) and came across his latest ad. Intrigued, I wondered what reaction might follow. 30 seconds of creepiness was the general consensus. Then one lone voice emerged with a different take by way of an opinion piece from a PR practitioner.

It’s a well-argued case for appreciating the genius of the ad. The penultimate sentence particularly grabbed me:

“You can’t harness one monolithic audience:
you have to rely on conversation.”

How often when either trying to instigate a sales campaign or drive an established one forward, are you doomed to rely on traditional pitches. What instead can you do to create such conversation around your project?

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