CRM Success: A Definition

Back to my customer that has Saratoga’s Avenue gear, which all the reps naturally avoid using as much as they can.  This isn’t news.  Nor is it restricted to this one software vendor’s code. 

At a recent sales meeting of theirs I attended, they were all moaning about being asked to input the details of specific competitor presence within their target accounts.  When the boss ran a report to see where one particular competitor offering was in situ, he expected an answer in the thousands.  He got ’21’.

The rapping of knuckles ensued, with protestations aplenty in return.  Then, the head honcho said something inspirational. 

“The definition of success for a crm is where it allows someone to work on accounts on your behalf, that soon introduces them into your funnel”

Silence.  Then they all committed to discover and input the relevant data.

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