Ditch Those Old Shoes

One of my customer’s is at present trying to nail an objection that’s preventing some of their guys from prising open the door of potential new clients.  When cold-calling, they introduce themselves only to receive the ‘we’ve already got a supplier for that’ flea in the ear.

What Else?

I’ve always enjoyed two approaches to this one.  The first is by putting them off guard by saying, ‘glad you’re covered and happy”!  Then you go on to ask, “okay, fair enough, so I can update my database so you’re not called again, what are you really happy with about them?”

Usually, they’ll trot something out.  The key to success with this, is by asking “What else?” afterwards.  And keep on asking the question until they run out of ideas.  Then you can pounce. It’s a cracker.

Old Shoes

The second is the ‘old shoes’ analogy.  Probably used by people that still have a fondness for the quill, I have seen this work in a presentation once where a colleague of mine was up against a long-term incumbent.  He even bought in a pair of battered old shoes as a prop.

You go on and on about how comfy an old pair of shoes are, and why you know you must get a new pair, and once you do, after a day or two the new ones are as comfy as the old, yet don’t let the rain in, or make you look embarrassingly scruffy and the rest.

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