CRM's latest "-ism"

I came across the latest edition of the American mag, Selling Power, which always has a section on tools.  This issue looked at how emerging trends were changng the sales process.  Most sales people dislike their crm, partly as it adds to their admin burden and they feel a slave to their computer. 

All the vendors are after extra hooks around the edges of what they provide as basics, diaries and tracking of what’s going on with prospect opportunities.  One particular trend emerging involves automating expensive and copyrighted account management processes.  Another, I’m all in favour of.

It’s being dubbed PCD; personalised content delivery.  Apparently research suggests 40% of a sales person’s time is spent finding, assembling and customising content to send to individual customers/prospects.  Anything aimed at reducing the time spent on composing the ideal email, proposal or presentation has got to be a winner.

So, the message is ‘look out for PCD’ 😉

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