Managing the Sven Way

Great to see England come back from a (wonder goal) behind to beat Uruguay Wednesday night.  Still all coming together nicely for the World Cup of course.  There was a documentary on about the manager’s approach to getting the best out of his players recently.  I made some notes as I watched.

England Football Manager Sven Goran-Eriksson uses these 9 pointers to get the best from people he manages.  If you’re a sales manager, can any of them help with your team?

  1. Winners hate to lose, but are not afraid of losing
  2. Fear of failure leads to anxiety. And being anxious makes you think about doing something that is best done naturally
  3. Dare to lose to win
  4. Encourage pushing yourself and to taking risks. Never, ever, criticise someone for making a mistake when taking a risk.
  5. Get a “shared mental model” – when everyone is thinking along the same lines – throughout the team
  6. Relax – do not look flustered
  7. Identify your “cultural architects” – these are the guys that can change the mental states of others and transfer their confidence to others too
  8. Practice in the mind – visualising doing it makes you so much more prepared when actually confronted with doing it live
  9. Get in “the zone”, a place where you are succeeding and do not have to think about what you are doing

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