Curbing Wastrels

There’s a big difference between spending money, and wasting it.

How often do you discuss a prospect’s previous investments with a buyer?

Hopefully they’ll be able to trot out a long list of wonderful projects that helped make both a ton of cash and everyone’s lives easier.

But my experience is that this is not usually the case.

People most typically buy a ‘solution’ to solve a problem.  That very word has connotations of avoiding mishap and conjures images of fixing something broke.

So how about asking them what investments have not paid off as hoped?  A tricky subject for sure, but if you frame it in the context of wanting to not fall into a similar trap, or making the same mistake again by learning the lessons, you could be onto a winner.

It’s true that you could trigger negativity by slight association, but I feel that if you position your proposal to prevent the things that caused previous problems, you’ll be more likely on to a winner.

And no-one wants to be seen throwing money away again.

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