Yeah, But...

I was in the company of lawyers the other day.  Yes, I did need a few cheeky whiskies to survive.  I enquired of them exactly how pitiful must legal training be when it comes to objection handling.

Despite the supposed level of intelligence necessary to enter their brethren, and the obvious ability to expose the contrary on any given subject ingrained in them, each time they disagree with your point of view they basically start off by saying,

“yeah, but…”

No empathy.  Zero exploration.  All confrontation. Plenty of disregard.

It might be a tiny lesson, but one with far-reaching consequences. Never answer a prospect in this manner.

As for a remedy, classic objection handling training is a start. Without the time to indulge that in its entirety here,  if you’re in any way unsure, just be certain to politely fire back a question. It helps if your query seek expansion of a particular element of what’s just been espoused, yet it almost doesn’t matter what it is, even if just to say “Really…?” and pause.

I guarantee you’ll go farther, with greater smoothness, as a result.

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