Customer Situationship Management

CSM, hey. Should it catch on?

As the enlightened open up in a way that finally feels for good, let us pause and consider the impact the various distancings, border closures and restrictions generally wrought on those seeking relationships.

The label situationship comes from the world of dating.

When two people consent to and are in that moment content to, be seeing someone in that space between a friendship and a fully fledged committed romantic relationship.

A potentially galaxial chasm. Yet one where the boundaries either side are surprisingly self-evident.

There's striking parallels between this place and the ties that can bind solution seller and buyer.

Some ships happy to pass by at night.

In terms of overall project pursuit, the Enterprise salesperson generating the initial approval seldom delivers, monitors or maintains what transpires. New Business hands over to Account Management. The traditional hunter passes on to farmer.

This can be reflected in the set-up buyerside too. The person inking their signature expects, appoints, others to run with the shiny new toy.

Temporary alliances around such deals can form strong links.

There's often those involved who are after one specific, short-term outcome.

And not merely as basic as the green light.

Just as with those wanting a partner during lockdowns, also finding solace in those otherwise lonely when bubbles were enforced, to make the most of a sticky situation together, a fleeting teaming-up may prove enticing to fix a particular business issue in the here and now.

Who in your prospect organisation is touched by the misfiring cog you aim to rectify?

No matter how glancing you feel their connection may be, there will be those both downstream and up duly affected.

Engaging them will not need the full-blown exchanging of rings. You can rather 'define the relationship' by a singular outcome they're after.

Swipe right on that in your CSM.

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