You Never Know What The Prospect Might Really Want


Here’s a story from a pal of mine. At the time – way back in the 90s – he was a beer salesman. And his office was, indeed, the pub.

He had an aged car. By now, almost an ol' banger, a jalopy. It was time to sell it on. But as a relatively old 'motor' he felt that the number plate was maybe worth more than the actual vehicle; MAX 18X.

So he did what you apparently did in those days and got in touch with a numberplate broker. These people weren’t great to deal with, as they only paid if they shifted it. And they didn’t work hard to do so.

Still, he discovered that the going rate for such personalised (vanity) plate was around £500.

With no bites via the broker, he faced the ignominy of having to pay someone to take his ol' banger away for scrap.

He had though noted an old established restaurant near his W London home. It was tantalisingly called Max’s.

Given that this was the name on his plate, and not expecting much, he trooped along one day and pitched the owner.

Max stalled. So my friend let him ‘think about it’.

When returning, Max confided that he couldn’t really afford it, especially as what he really needed right now was a little runaround for the wife.

My mate’s eyes lit up.

Forget the plate. Why not have the whole package, car and all, for £500?

…and deal done.

Both parties happy. Proving you never know what someone might want which you can provide at a price you both enjoy.

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