D: Sales Dictionary Continues

Death Valley
A period of no response in communication from a potential customer towards the end of a Campaign. Typically encountered after the final (maybe Board) presentations. Avoid like the plague.
Decision Making Criteria
The categories which the potential customer will use to decide what they will take.
Decision Making Process
How the potential customer goes about investigating their options and choosing the final one.
Yet another name for Cold-Calling activity. However many euphemisms are used, nothing can provide success more than lots of this. And it’s tough.
Something that makes you or your offering different from the Competition.  (For technology offerings, High Tech Strategies suggest “Differentiation is possible on the basis of five fundamental factors: function, time utility, place utility, price, and perception. These five elements can be mixed into an almost infinite variety of patterns.”)
A Decision Making Unit. Those fine bodies of boys and girls entrusted by their organisations to make specific decisions. Cover all the angles, particularly the ones that exist outside the DMUs meeting room.
Dripping Roast
With lots of juicy fat falling down into our hands, the baking tray! A term used to describe a great account that just keeps on giving us business. Normally used by Farmers to wind up Tigers who think they can sit and wait by the fax machine, email, carrier-pigeon loft for their orders to come in. Money For Old Rope, this account management….

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