E: Sales Expressions

Earn The Right Call
Normally immediately prior to trying to get hold of The Man, it’s where you have to pass the entrance exam to get in.
Economic Buyer
An increasingly old-fashioned term, the most relevant explanation means the person who really makes the decision. It used to refer solely to the person releasing the funds, but that person increasingly may not be the one with the real power.
Elevator Pitch
A short concise and powerful mini-pitch, lasting no more than a few seconds, designed to wow a CEO-type person and get you moving even quicker towards the ultimate prize.  Derives from taking advantage of those unexpected meetings where you ‘bump’ into someone important. 
People you are trying to contact by phone who are genuinely involved with what they see as more pressing priorities, so not necessarily trying to avoid you. Call out of hours.  Grab their colleagues onto your side.  Typically encountered at initial, cold, introduction time.
Making the potential customer believe you have similar views, that you understand them on a personal level.

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